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Archive for the 2013

CTS “Facts”

WHAT is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)? CTS occurs when pressure is applied to the median nerve which travels from the neck, through the shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, and through the carpal tunnel where the “pinch” is located. The median nerve innervates most of the palm of the hand, the thumb, the index finger, middle [..]

Low Back Pain – Is It on the Rise?

Low back pain (LBP) is the second most common cause of disability among adults in the United States (US) and a very common reason for lost days at work. The total cost of back pain in the US, including treatment and lost productivity, ranges between $100 billion to $200 billion a year! Is low back [..]


Do 90% of Patients with an Acute Episode of Low Back Pain Resolve within 2 Months, with or without Treatment?This month we are going to discuss the commonly held clinical thought and apparently well documented fact that 90% of all acute low back pain episodes ultimately self-resolve within a 60 day period.It would appear that [..]

Cancer and Nutrition – Part 2

In Part 1, we discussed dietary approaches for the cancer patient such as the Paleo or “caveman” diet, the Mediterranean Diet, and the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). We also began the discussion of how to supplement the diet to optimize health for the cancer patient with a firm warning that these approaches DO [..]

Low Back Pain in Pregnancy and Chiropractic

The utilization of chiropractic spinal adjusting for the management of low back pain is increasingly less and less controversial. As an example, in December of 2011, the journal Alternative Therapies Health Medicine, published a study titled (1):Cerebral metabolic changes in men after chiropractic spinal manipulation for neck painThis study has 9 authors who are from the Division [..]

Whiplash "Basics"

Whiplash is a non-medical term typically describing what happens to the head and neck when a person is struck from behind in a motor vehicle collision. Let’s look at some basic facts about whiplash:Before cars, trains were the main source of whiplash and was called “railroad spine.”Better terms for whiplash injuries include “cervical acceleration-deceleration” (CAD) [..]

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis: A Breakthrough!

Confirming the diagnosis of fibromyalgia (FM) is challenging, as there are no blood tests to verify accuracy of the diagnosis like so many other disorders. However, blood tests are needed when FM is suspected to “rule in/out” something else that may be mimicking FM symptoms. Also, FM is often associated with other disorders that are [..]

Carpal Tunnel Treatment Options

The goal of any treatment approach for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is to return the patient to normal. That means addressing all OTHER health-related conditions that can cause CTS such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, birth control pill use, pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis (and many of the other related arthritic-like disorders), as well as double or multiple crush [..]

Neck Pain and Chiropractic

Neck pain represents a major problem for people throughout the world with considerable negative impact on individuals, families, communities, healthcare systems, and businesses. In fact, it's estimated that up to 70% of the general population will have neck pain at some point in life. Recovery within the year from neck pain ranges between 33% and [..]

Low Back Pain: Surgery vs. Chiropractic

Low back pain (LBP) is the second most common cause of disability in the United States (US) and a very common reason for lost days at work with an estimated 149 million days of work lost each year. The total cost associated with this is astronomical at between $100-200 billion/yr, of which 2/3rds are due [..]