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Archive for the 2008

The Influence of Pre-Accident Degenerative Joint Disease

aThis month it’s time for us to discuss the remarkably common nature of cervical spine degenerative joint disease in the general population. In a book titled Painful Cervical Trauma, John Hopkins University School of Medicine neurosurgeon John Aryanpur, MD, states:“Degenerative spondylosis, or osteoarthritis, of the cervical spine is common in all individuals over 50 years of [..]

Low Back Pain: Is It Serious?

Back problems can cause a good deal of worry and for good reason. Any problem that doesn't go away on its own in a reasonable period of time should be a cause for concern. Rarely, severe back pain can be caused by tumors and other destructive processes, so it's important to have these serious conditions [..]

Vitamin Therapy For My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

As with most problems of the body, there are a multitude of causes and treatments and rarely is there a magic bullet for anything, including carpal tunnel syndrome. When this condition is suspected, a doctor of chiropractic will look at how the wrist and neck are aligned to see if there is an irritation or [..]

Fibromyalgia and the Upper Neck

How can a spinal problem possibly contribute to fibromyalgia symptoms such as chronic musculoskeletal  pain? In many disorders involving musculoskeletal pain, the nervous system is involved in some degree and the nervous system itself can get affected by structural changes in the spinal column. When viewing the neck from the side, there should be a [..]

Can Whiplash Hurt Your Shoulder?

Shoulder pain following an automobile collision is probably more common than you think. Whiplash injuries, especially serious ones, are notorious for causing pain and disability beyond the neck. Whiplash is considered a full-body disorder and symptoms can range from pain to dizziness, headache, and fatigue. Depending on the type of collision and what type of [..]

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

A Common Sequela Of Neck InjuriesIn 1991, Denver Thoracic Outlet surgeon Richard Sanders, MD, wrote a book with the above title (1). In this months issue we are going to discuss many of Dr. Sanders’ remarkable observations… beginning with…His Definition of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)“TOS is neurovascular symptoms in the upper extremity due to pressure [..]

Hand Pain and Its Causes

When hand pain strikes, it can be a difficult problem to deal with since we use our hands for so much. It can also be distressing psychologically to have a part of your body not working as it should.Hand pain can be tough to diagnose since there are many causes. One familiar cause is a [..]

Fibromyalgia and Cord Compression?

Chiropractors recognize the importance of good spinal posture in affecting a variety of health problems, including fibromyalgia. It's important to not think of the disease as having a single solution, but rather as a more complex entity, needing a comprehensive approach. But is there any research on the spine being involved in patients with fibromyalgia?A [..]

The Role of the Feet and Hips in Low Back Pain

The body is an interconnected whole and needs to be looked at as such in order to get at the root of a spinal problem. We are all familiar with low back trauma, bending, and stooping in awkward positions to lift something from a trunk, or the slip and fall on ice. In these examples, [..]

Bad Posture and Chronic Neck Pain

While most of us have a look in the mirror at least once a day, few of us look at our appearance from a different angle, such as from the side. But, the view from the side can be quite revealing if you suffer from chronic neck pain. First, note the position of your head [..]